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Motor Vehicle Garage and Supply Operations Permit
Application for permit.
The Town Board may require the applicant to submit such information as it may require and to fix the location of all structures on the premises. No such permit shall be issued unless a recommendation is first obtained from the Zoning Board of Appeals. Prior to recommending the issuance of such a permit, the Zoning Board of Appeals shall find, after public notice and hearing, that:
A. The proposed structures are located consistent with the regulations of the district in which they are to be located.
B. The proposed use will not create a traffic hazard at the proposed location.
C. All motor vehicle service stations shall be so arranged as to require all servicing to be done on the premises and outside the public way, and no gasoline pump shall be placed closer to any side property line than 50 feet or closer to any highway right-of-way line than 10 feet.
D. No inoperative motor vehicles shall be kept on the premises of the motor vehicle service supply station for longer than two weeks.
E. All waste material shall be stored within a structure or enclosed within fencing so as not to be visible from off the property.
F. On any streets which provide access to gasoline pumps, all repair facilities shall be at least 15 feet farther from the highway right-of-way line than the side of the gasoline pumps farthest from the highway right-of-way line.
Revocation of permit.
Any permit granted hereunder may be revoked by the Town Board after due hearing on not less than 10 days' notice to the person holding such a permit in the event that the use violates any of the conditions and restrictions imposed by the Town Board upon the issuance of such permit or that the use shall have become a nuisance.
Extension of permit.
Any such special permit heretofore granted shall be deemed to be indefinitely extended, subject, however, to the power of revocation herein set forth.

See Article XI: Repair Garages; Parking and Storage Garages; Supply Stations for more information.
See Forms and Applications for detailed information on permits.