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Certificates of Nonconformity
A building or structure or use of land existing at the time of enactment of this chapter and which does not conform to the regulations for the use district in which it is situated.

Certificate of nonconformity.
A. A certificate of nonconformity issued by the Zoning Officer shall be required as part of any request to the Town to alter any preexisting nonconforming building or structure by way of additional or expanded physical modifications or any way that increases or decreases the degree of nonconformance.
B. A certificate of nonconformity may be requested by the property owner(s) upon completion of an application, as provided by the Zoning Officer, and upon payment of the application fee, to be established by resolution of the Town Board.
C. A certificate of nonconformity shall:
(1) Include a map to scale depicting the boundaries of the subject property as well as physical improvements and uses.
(2) Identify and describe all instances wherein the nonconformity fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter and the date the nonconformity was established.

See Article XIII: Nonconforming uses for more information.