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County Planning Board
Referral of matters to County Planning Board.
In accordance with the policy and procedures provided for by Chapter 24, Article 12-B, § 239-l and § 239 of the General Municipal Law, any special use permit or variance affecting real property lying within a distance of 500 feet of any boundary of the Town of Jerusalem or from the boundary of any existing or proposed county or state park or other recreational area; or from the right-of-way of any existing or proposed county or state parkway, throughway, expressway, road or highway; or from the existing or proposed right-of-way of any stream or drainage channel lines; or from the existing or proposed boundary line of any county- or state-owned land in which a public building or institution is situated shall be referred to the Yates County Planning Board. The term "proposed" shall be deemed to include only those recreation areas, parkways, throughways, expressways, roads or highways which are shown on a county plan of Yates County adopted pursuant to § 239-d, Subdivision 2, of the General Municipal Law. If the Yates County Planning Board fails to report within 30 days after receipt of a full statement of such referred material, the Zoning Board of Appeals may act without such report. If the Yates County Planning Board disapproves of the proposal or recommends modifications thereof, the Zoning Board of Appeals shall not act contrary to such disapproval or recommendations, except by a vote of a majority plus one of all members thereof and after the adoption of a resolution setting forth the reason for the contrary action.